Thomas Colson

Position: CEO
Location: Buffalo, NY

Tom is one of our key presenters. He brings years of experience in engaging and motivating audiences all over the world; corporations, governments, entrepreneurs, and students. Additionally, because of his experiences as an IP lawyer, inventor, and business leader, he brings us three critical views of intellectual property:

Intellectual property lawyer: Both outside counsel and corporate General Counsel: complex IP litigation and prosecution (patent, copyright, and trademark), contract preparation and negotiations, licensing, IP portfolio development, invention review committee management, litigation risk management, and venture capital IP analysis.

Inventor/creator: US 7174332 Method and apparatus for safeguarding files; US 7797241 Global information network product publication system; US 7458512 Computer-based method and apparatus for verifying an electronic voting process; US 7904408 Method and system for monitoring innovation activity; US 7607018 Method and apparatus for collecting electronic signatures; Children's character and series:

Business leader: Founder and CEO of Executive IP; and founder and former CEO of At, Tom built a software company with a client-base including many of the largest and most innovative companies in the world such as IBM, Siemens, Abbott Laboratories, Hitachi, United Technologies Corporation, General Electric, Sony Electronics, and many, many others. During his 11 years as CEO and President of, Tom managed international sales and marketing, managed software development and operations (built and successfully launched three new businesses/product lines), obtained third party investments, managed shareholders/board, and managed IP portfolio development and legal affairs.